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About the Rocks to Roots Podcast

What is conservation?

This is a question we as staff get asked all the time. So, we decided to launch a podcast about it!

Many assume that conservation only means saving species, protecting land and water, and planting trees. But, as we recover from a pandemic, recognize the current climate crisis, and observe an increase in chronic disease, this subject has gained some well-deserved attention. The Spokane Conservation District out of Spokane, Washington, will discuss how these issues can be positively impacted by finding points of collaboration within and between our standards of sustainability, the way we grow food, and how we support our local community.

With a stark claim that the world has only 40 years of harvests left, it has never been more important to bring success and life back to our lands and farms. We are speaking directly to growers, managers, and consumers in the Pacific Northwest region to discuss how each of us plays a role in connecting the economic incentives of consumers – to growers – to drive full system regeneration.

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~ Hilary, Host of Rocks to Roots