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About the Rocks to Roots Podcast

What is conservation?

This is a question we frequently encounter as staff, which is why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our captivating podcast!

Conservation goes far beyond the conventional notion of saving species, protecting land and water, and planting trees. In light of the pandemic, the pressing climate crisis, and the surge in chronic diseases, this subject has rightfully garnered significant attention. Join us, the Spokane Conservation District, based in Spokane Washington, as we delve into the positive impact that collaboration can have on these issues. Together, we’ll explore how aligning our sustainability standards, reimagining food production, and supporting local communities can bring about transformative change.

In a world where the alarming claim of having only 40 years of harvests left looms over us, reviving our lands and farms has never been more crucial. Our podcast directly addresses growers, managers, and consumers in the Pacific Northwest region, emphasizing the importance of each individual’s role in fostering a thriving ecosystem that benefits everyone. By connecting the economic incentives of consumers, growers, and the entire ecosystem, we can drive comprehensive regeneration.

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~ Hilary, Host of Rocks to Roots