About the Rocks to Roots Podcast

This podcast series is intended to share education and resources related to land management, conservation practices, and celebrate some of the great stewards of our land here in our region.

We have a great lineup of guests that we will be interviewing and having discussions with including Vicki Carter, Director of the Spokane Conservation District, Scott Gail, who is spearheading the Bio farming movement, Ty Meyer who will talk to us about the Direct Seed and No-Till Program, and a handful of landowners who are committed to getting conservation on the ground.

We’re going to cover a variety of topics from the backyard to the back 40 including soil health, water resources, forestry, sustainable land management practices, and how we as consumers can eat well, build soil and regenerate the planet by making conscious purchasing decisions.

In a world where everyone and everything feels quite divided, we need to educate ourselves and spread awareness on the things we can control. Storytelling builds bridges and that’s what we intend to do each episode. In addition, we will share resources and optimistic solutions for individual health, planetary healing and science-backed hope.

Make sure you subscribe to our Rocks to Roots channel and join the conversations on our Facebook and Instagram page. We encourage you to submit questions, show topics, even guest speaker recommendations. Also, please feel free to email us at rockstoroots.org and let us know what resources you need and what you are learning! I am so excited to listen, learn, and grow with you!

~ Hilary, Host of Rocks to Roots